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The world's first customizable pillow.


TailorRest is revolutionizing the pillow industry with our patent-pending, customizable and adjustable pillow system.  Utilizing a six interchangeable pillow inserts of different premium materials, you can optimize the feel and support level that is perfect for you.

No other pillow allows me to change the level and placement of support anytime I want...
— Michael J. - Austin, TX
I never knew how much a pillow mattered in getting a good and comfortable night’s sleep until I tried a TailorRest pillow.
— Emily P. - Houston, TX
The TailorRest pillow feels like no other. It has the weight and density that I would expect from a premium luxury pillow.
— Sara C. - Chicago, IL
I could really feel the difference as I tried different insert combinations to find the one that was best for me.
— Ben T. - New York, NY

There's a TailorRest pillow for everyone.