What makes TailorRest pillows unique?

Our Patent Pending design is the result of two years of product development and collaboration with leading manufacturers across the country. Simple innovation was the key to developing a premium product that is completely unique and incredibly easy to use. No other pillow can do what we do.

Design Diagram 2.JPG


What type of fill material are in the inserts?

Our pillow inserts are sourced from leading manufacturers and go through rigorous quality testing and inspections to ensure you get a consistent and high quality product.  Each pillow comes with 6 down-alternative, siliconized microfiber inserts and 3 shredded memory foam (with cooling gel) inserts.



Do you have recommended configurations for the pillow inserts?



What exactly do I get when I order a TailorRest pillow?

Each TailorRest pillow comes with a pillow case and nine individual pillow inserts (six down-alternative, siliconized microfiber inserts and three shredded memory foam inserts). Any six inserts are individually placed inside the 6-chamber pillowcase.  The inserts can be rotated or re-positioned as needed.


Where can I buy a TailorRest pillow?

TailorRest pillows can be purchased online through Amazon.com.

TailorRest also available at these retail locations:


Urban Mattress Central
4001 N Lamar Blvd #200 Austin, TX 78756

Urban Mattress North
9901 N Capital of Texas Hwy #140 Austin, TX 78759

LaCombe Chiropractic Center
3401 Royal Vista Blvd Suite B #102, Round Rock, TX 78681