We have a true passion for sleep.


TailorRest began with the philosophy that no two people are alike. We’re physically different, have different lifestyles, medical conditions, and sleeping habits.  So we set out to design a revolutionary pillow that can address all unique needs.

We didn't invent a new magical fill material. We didn't develop a complex app to tell you what type of pillow you should be sleeping on. In fact, our pillow system was intentionally designed to STAY OUT OF YOUR WAY. You decide what is comfortable. You decide how you want your pillow to feel and support. You build it just the way the you want. And if your needs change... so can the TailorRest pillow.

We couldn't be more proud to be headquartered in The Live Music Capital of the World. Austin, Texas is a growing community of innovation, great food, phenomenal music, but most importantly...relaxation. We couldn't think of a better city to start a company that is dedicated to rest and relaxation.


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